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Study finds organic food is no better on vitamins or nutrients: Organic foods are more expensive and can be hard to find, so are they really worth the extra cost and effort? A new study has found that they may not be, particularly when it comes to the amount of vitamins and nutrients in the foods. As expected, there were some differences, especially in terms of amount of detectable pesticide found on the food, but these levels were well within safe ranges for all foods. What do you think? Check out the article below and let us know.

Three Food Shopping Secrets From Diabetes Educators

To eat more healthfully, most nutritionists recommend preparing your meals at home, where you can keep tabs on exactly how much salt, carbohydrate, and fat is added to your food. This might be even more true for diabetics who often need to adjust their insulin levels according to what they consume.Only if you're not habituated to attaining your own meals, grocery shopping can be intimidating. Here are 5 ways to construct sure your next trip to the supermarket is a sizable success:

Begin at the Perimeter: Most of the healthiest foods you can eat-things like lean proteins, healthy fats, and fiber are found all round the borders of the storehouses. Experts at the Joslin Diabetes Center suggest hitting the seafood counter for fish like salmon, tuna, and halibut; piling in lots of leafy greens and other vegs and fruits; and cooking lean proteins like chicken.

Work Your Way to the Interior: Of course, this shopping the perimeter of the store isn't a hard and fast rule: spices, beans, and many whole grain offerings are often in the middle of the store and are also part of a sizable diet. But you will want to restrict your purchases of unhealthy carbohydrates such as cookies, crackers, french fries, and pop.

Purchase Olive Oil: Fat adds flavor to foods, and it can help prevent things from getting to your saute pan. But if butter is your go-to fat, buy olive oil instead, say experts at the Joslin Diabetes Center. Olive oil is healthier than butter-it has less cholesterol and saturated fat and more healthy monounsaturated fat-but it nevertheless carries a good deal of smack. Of course, you'llnevertheless want to exercise moderation when you apply it.