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Study finds organic food is no better on vitamins or nutrients: Organic foods are more expensive and can be hard to find, so are they really worth the extra cost and effort? A new study has found that they may not be, particularly when it comes to the amount of vitamins and nutrients in the foods. As expected, there were some differences, especially in terms of amount of detectable pesticide found on the food, but these levels were well within safe ranges for all foods. What do you think? Check out the article below and let us know.


Synergy is when two or more vitamins and, or, minerals combine to produce a much stronger vitamin function.For example, in order for bioflavonoids to effectively perform their function, which is to prevent bleeding or bruising of our gums, there must be an adequate supply of Vitamin C present in our bodies:, in order to help the bioflavonoids to do their job effectively.

Nursing mothers and babies are particular examples of synergy at work; calcium, is a very important nutrient in our diet, and is especially needed by pregnant women, or a nursing mother and a growing child. The uptake of Calcium by a baby is ably assisted by an adequate supply of Vitamin D: this is a good example of synergy

Absorption of Nutrients

Our food is absorbed, mainly, through our small intestines; and, the term 'absorption' is simply the uptake, by our body tissues, of the nutrients that our bodies require. It is a process whereby the vitamins, minerals, and all the other nutrients that we need for good health, are absorbed, through our intestinal tract, and into our bloodstream. This occurs during the digestive process and enables the necessary vitamin and mineral functions to take place.

However, it is sometimes possible for absorption; and thus, the function, of certain vitamins and minerals to be blocked by other substances. For example, the absorption of the important water soluble nutrient, Vitamin C, is greatly reduced by the use of antibiotics. Therefore, it would be considered advisable for anyone who is taking a course of antibiotics to supplement their intake of Vitamin C, in order to counteract this effect.


Enzymes are protein molecules which are involved in every single biochemical process that takes place within the human body. They are the 'catalysts' that speed up metabolic actions that are absolutely essential for digesting food; for releasing energy from the food we eat: and, for enabling the repair of our tissues and organs. Without the catalytic actions of enzymes, the thousands of biochemical reactions that take place within our bodies, could not take place quickly enough for human life to continue.

It's probably fair to say that it would be an absolute impossibility for our human lives to exist, without the constant assistance of the different enzymes in our bodies. They assist in every one of the biochemical reactions that occur within our bodies; they help to break down our food into energy, into microscopic particles that are stored in our livers and muscles.